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If you want to give the world some advice and wisdom or gain support for a noble cause, WE.com is the domain name to do it with. It is also a very powerful domain with which to start any new social media website or any other business venture. It is the most valuable and most recognizable of the 624 two letter domains. It most likely will sell for between $8,888,888 and $15,888,888 . It all depends on how many people are interested in WE.COM and how much it is a "must have" domain for them.

WE.com Potential Benefits?  

1)    Instant Awareness /Branding:. No one will ask you “what was your domain name again”.  There are very few two letter .COM domains that are words in the English language. Domains that are 2 letter words are the most desirable because they are easier to remember than the other random 2 letter combinations.  .COM few words that are shorter or easier to remember and recall than WE. WE.com would increase the “Brand Equity” of any existing organization that uses the WE.com name, as strong brand is one of the most important factors in the success of any online of offline venture. 

2)    Ease of Use on mobile devices (iPhone and iPad like devices): With the rapid transition of internet use from desktop to mobile devices the importance of a short domain name becomes all the more important. Mobile Internet access has already surpassed 60% of the internet traffic and the trend is continnuing most likely to exceed 80% in the near future. With WE.COM you need only type the 2 letters “W” and ” E” that are on the top row of letters on the extreme left side of the keyboard (skipping the letter "Q"). With the rise of Mobile traffic and mobile APPS, two (2) letter domains are sharply increasing in value. They are the easiest to type into the small keyboards of mobile devices to directly navigate to. 

3)    Positive Connotation:  Defined as meaning more than 1 person, the word “WE” is international recognized word associated with bringing people and ideas together for a cause and has similar meanings in English and other Languages. 

4)    Asset Liquidity/ROI: Two (2) character domains are among the highest in demand of all domain names. They are the prime location of the internet. Recent sales of names like JD.com, KK.com, IG.com, FB.com, MY.com, YP.com, have sold for 7 to 8 figure prices and have been reported in the press. Many of these names were purchased 5-10 years ago for 5, 6 and 7 figure prices. In fact WE.COM was purchased over 8 years ago for a 7 figure price. Premium domains have proven to significantly increase in value over time, and are IP assets (virtual real estate) as recognized by the IRS. 

The excerpts below are based on the US economy transitioning from a manufacturing economy to a global information based economy.

Over the last four decades, as the U.S. economy has evolved from a manufacturing-based economy to an information based economy, corporate value has shifted from tangible to intangible assets. In 1975, 83.2 percent of the value of the S&P 500 companies resided in tangible assets and 16.8 percent resided in intangible assets. By 2009, tangible assets comprised a mere 19 percent of the S&P’s value while intangible assets comprised 81 percent of the S&P’s value. Most of the intangible asset component of corporate value is comprised of intellectual property.

The latest transition of the economy is of the information based economy to move onto the internet where domain names are the web based real estate property on which all websites are built. Domain names are the adresses  and locations on which all internet real estate is built. The three most important things for internet based businesses are LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION just like the 3 most important things for physical business real estate are.  

WE.COM possesses several key attributes that distinguish it as an ultra premium domain name. It's simply the best available domain on the market today; representative of connecting and driving interactive dialogue with people and brands in a digital world.

  • Rare and highly desirable two-letter domain with exceptional potential that's exceedingly relevant.
  • Memorable, short and succinct in nature, this domain captures users’ attention and evokes a sense of purpose that is to-the-point like nothing else you will find available today.
  • Adding to the power of WE.COM, it's a common usage word with positive connotations further escalating its commerce potential both current and future.
  • Strategic blocking is a valid marketing strategy to block others from owning a domain such as happened with the highest price domain purchase ever of $35 million for VacationRentals.com by HomeAway.com so that Expedia would not get it. See HomeAway.com CEO Brian Sharples explaining why they spent $35 million buying VacationRentals:   
    Note that this very desirable WE.COM premium domain is available for just a fraction of the price that VacationRentals.com was sold for.

Two letter domains add value, increase brand equity and credibility online. Comparable sales include FB.com purchased by Facebook in 2010 for $8.5 million and YP.com was purchased for $3.85 million by YellowPages.com. These domains provide branding potential as unique as the companies they represent. WE.COM has the additional value in that it has application for almost any business. It is more recognizable and memorable than other two letter domains.

When global brands adopt two-letter domains, the value is not only recognized, but embraced by the companies and consumers that utilize their services. Prime examples include HP.com (Hewlett Packard), AA.com (American Airlines), VW.com (Volkswagen), GE.com (General Electric), GM.com (General Motors) and a host of other world-class brands. WE.com can be branded very quickly without the millions of dollars of marketing expense that is the norm for branding other domain names.

In and of themselves, two-letter domains create noteworthy internet destinations. They can also serve solely as URL shorteners to complement a brand and are powerful enough to balance rebranding efforts, serve as a marketing vehicle and even as an event horizon to build a more structured and durable brand in the face of increasing global competition.

WE.COM is your opportunity to take command of your brand, grow your market, and create a compelling destination all at once. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity. There are no other 2 letter .COM domains available that have the impact that WE.COM has.

Auction for WE.COM: Let us know whether you would like to be notified of the dates when WE.COM will be auctioned in a Dutch Auction. We have assembled a large list of likely buyers that will be notified of the dates of the auction. If you would like to be on that list, please send a quick email below. The Dutch Auction process for WE.COM is explained here:

Of course, if you are very, very interested to be the owner of WE.COM, there is also a "Buy-it-now price" at which you can buy WE.COM right now without running the risk that someone else will buy WE.COM before you do. For being on the list for being notified of the auction dates or to receive the "Buy-it-now price", send your contact information and one of the two following emails to both the owner and the broker of WE.COM:

owner of WE.COM Alf Temme alf@we.com and alf@400a.com


I am interested in bidding on WE.COM in your Dutch Auction. Please add me to the list of currently interested bidders that will be notified of the auction dates for WE.COM.



I would like to submit a "Buy-it-now-offer", please give me the current "Buy-it-now-price" and please add me to the list of currently interested bidders that will be notified of the auction dates for WE.COM.


A Dutch Auction is a far superior and more pleasant process than the conventional stressful bidding process. It is also a far less time consuming process and avoids the endless haggling with multiple potential buyers that is the norm in negotiated sales and conventional up-bidding auctions. For explanation click here: